My Byron Bay Bucket List


Byron Bay is many things to many people. A place where you can forget that rest of the world exists and allow yourself to let go. A place for people who want to look back on their lives and say “I am so glad I did that” rather than “I wish I had the courage to….”. So right now, as you read this, take a moment to decide what you want your future self to be saying as we give you our version of the must-do Byron Bay Bucket List, and if you come and stay with us here at First Sun Holiday Park we’ll do all that we can to make sure you can tick off all of these and perhaps a few more of your own…

Learn To Surf and Catch a Wave

This is a big one for so many people and while you could learn to surf in many locations around the globe, there is nowhere on earth more suited to the beginner surfer than Byron Bay. Safely protected by the ‘Bay’, the waves are generally clean and glassy and the perfect size for learners. With surf culture and salt water in the veins of locals, there is a swag of surf schools ready and waiting to take you and a group of your best friends from the sand to the swell and make it fun. Byron Bay Surf SchoolStyle Surfing and Black Dog Surf Schools are just a few of the biggest names all with great reputations. Find an opening and get paddling because all year round our gorgeous subtropical climate and warm waters are surf ready.

TIP: If you graduate and head out on your own make sure to stick to surfer’s code and respect for other surfers. There are many signs around the beaches to help you out on this or ask one of the locals and stay safe. Take it easy and ALWAYS have others with you.

Watch the Sunrise from Minyon Falls

If you’re an early riser or a ‘party all-nighter’ your chances of catching a Byron Bay sunrise are pretty good. However an even greater miracle is waiting for you in the lush forest of the Byron hinterland. Minyon Falls in the Nightcap National Park is a vertical drop waterfall that plummets 100m to its base. Be prepared to feel 100 feet tall and so tiny and humble – all in one split second – as the sun starts to peep over the lip of the valley below at sunrise. This is a magic place that will touch you forever.

Tip: You’ll need to be up early to make the 45 minute drive to the falls before sunrise. But for first timers we recommend you give yourself at least 1 hour to travel in safety. Dirt roads will greet you toward the end of your journey so please DO NOT speed. Alternatively seek out a guided tour with folks such as Byron Bay Adventure Tours or Vision Walks who will take you there and back again!

Soaring Balloon Flight 

Soar up and away and be truly awed by the diversity and colours of Byron Bay. No other experience in Byron Bay will allow you to see the coast and the hinterland, the forest and the beach all at once with the peace of floating on a cloud. Include a champagne breakfast with someone incredible and you have the kind of pinnacle moment that could not only be ticked off your bucket list but could be one of the most romantic of your life. Ballooning in Byron is an experience like no other.

TIP: Plan ahead and be prepared to be a little flexible if the weather conditions are not quite right.

Kayaking with Dolphins

Imagine the excitement and the cool spray of the ocean against your face as you paddle out across one of the most iconic Bays in the world. Suddenly you see a fin break the surface. Don’t panic! You’re about to encounter one of Byron Bay’s happiest residents – not Tommy Franklin, a dolphin. Wildlife encounters always rate highly on a must-do list, but dolphins are genuinely keen to encounter us too. A kayak adventure on the water will bring you close up to the pod and often a whole swathe of other marine life. Cape Byron Marine Reserve is a protected haven for turtles, rays and of course during May to October the giants of the deep – the humpback whales. Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay and Cape Byron Kayaks offer guided paddles that the whole family can enjoy.

TIP: Sun safety is a must, even on cloudy days as you’ll get a double dose of the rays from above and the reflection off the water.

Byron Bay can be the place you let your wildest dreams come to life. A little stay is all it takes to make the difficult days we all have that little bit easier to get through. Find out how a getaway at First Sun Holiday Park could spark your inspiration to live a life that’s full to the brim with experiences!