Park Rules

All First Sun Holiday Park Guests have the right to enjoy the use of Cabins, Lodges, and Sites for which a fee has been paid without undue interference from other Guests.

The following information and guidelines are provided to ensure Guests staying at First Sun Holiday Park have an enjoyable stay.


  • Check-In Times: Cabins & Lodges 2.00pm, Sites 11.00am.
  • Check-Out Times: Cabins, Lodges, Sites, on or before 10.00am.
  • All extra guests must be paid for on arrival.
  • The guest(s) name on the receipt is responsible for ensuring all persons visiting or staying in/on their cabin, lodge or site adheres to these park rules.
  • Skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, scooters and bicycles cannot be used or ridden in the park.
  • Due to the risk of damage to other guest’s property, NO ball games in the park please use the beach.
  • Please restrict noise from radios, televisions and social gatherings after 9.30pm.
  • All visitors to cabins, lodges and sites must leave the park at 9.30pm or at earlier times as directed by Park Management and/or Security.
  • Please keep your site tidy and use the facilities provided for rubbish disposal, discharge of sullage water and drying clothes.
  • No animals or pets allowed in the park.



For the benefit of our guests staying at First Sun Holiday Park the following guidelines have a ZERO TOLERANCE that may result in your stay with us being terminated, no second chances, no warnings, no refund, just immediate eviction.

  • Anti-social behaviour towards other guests.
  • Stealing from other guests staying at the park.
  • Abusive language and swearing.
  • Undue noise and behaviour after 9.30pm.
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol.
  • Not accepting instructions from park management and/or security.
  • Damage of any kind to park property and facilities.
  • Gathering of more than six people on any one site is not allowed unless prior arrangements have been made with reception.




At First Sun Holiday Park we are proud of our appearance and presentation. We therefore ask that you assist us in maintaining this high level and abide by a few simple rules.

Please note the following when setting up your site:

  • On sites where the concrete annexe slab have been provided you must not park on the slab
  • Parking: Your vehicle must be parked on the site allocated to you or in the front car park. There are NO exceptions. Please also respect our 10km shared zone speed limits.
  • Power leads must be 15amp and neatly placed on your site.
  • To confirm to Statutory Requirements for Caravan Parks your tow bar/ hitch must point towards the road and there must be access between your tent or caravan of 1.00 metre.